About - ReFORM


ReFORM Physical Therapy and Pilates is a rehabilitation and fitness company that provides services to the residents and businesses of Downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Our team of experienced doctors of physical therapy are proficient in the treatment of all orthopedic conditions, filling a noticeable void of quality, accessible rehabilitation services in the downtown area. All therapists are also certified instructors in Pilates, a popular fitness method that has merit in both the physical therapy and fitness environments. This unique characteristic of ReFORM allows our clients to move seamlessly between rehabilitation of injury and fitness for wellness within a familiar environment among trusted professionals. ReFORM provides an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for clients, while also increasing the ease at which they can gain access to first-class care. Furthermore, the company desires to become an active and visible member of the Cleveland community through sponsorship and the organization of events and presentations that promote healthy lifestyle choices.