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Physical Therapy

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The clinicians at ReFORM have nearly 30 years of combined experience treating injuries and conditions involving muscles and joints, including the spine and extremities. Our physical therapists use several types of interventions, including joint and soft tissue mobilization, carefully dosed and selected therapeutic exercise, and patient oriented functional training, to help you reach your personal rehabilitation goals. No longer will you have to head out to the suburbs for appointments that are inconvenient and difficult to fit into your busy schedule. We have worked for some of the most successful and prestigious private and hospital-based organizations in the country, and we are excited to bring our expertise to Downtown Cleveland and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Elective Service Treatments: 

  • Use of a Foam Roller for Myofascial Pain Management – Have you been walking past that strange foam cylinder at the gym for years or wonder why you see the Cav’s rolling out during their pre-game warmup? We can show you how to use it to minimize muscle/myofascial pain, increase joint mobility, and improve posture.
  • Dry Needling – You may have heard of these techniques of pain management, but do not understand how they work or what they can do for you. In addition to offering an in-service on the research and benefits of this technique, and including it as part of physical therapy when beneficial, it can also be done on an individual cash-pay basis if you would like to try it on a nagging issue.
  • Dry Cupping - Cupping therapy is an ancient alternative medicine technique where the cups are placed on the treatment area to create suction and negative pressure. This pressure can loosen muscles, increase blood flow, and can help with pain and inflammation. We at ReFORM use a combination of silicone and acrylic cups in order to perform static and dynamic cupping. 
  • Running Gait Analysis – Getting ready to run your first 5K, been running marathons for years, or trying to organize a staff charity run?  If you’ve been having any pain or suffer chronic injuries, come get a video gait analysis that will break down your gait, offer suggestions for modification and give you exercises to help maximize your run and minimize your risk of injury
  • Golf Fitness Assessments - (Certified Titlist Performance Institute) – Every golfer, from the novice to the professional, can benefit from understanding their individual physical strengths and weaknesses.  At ReFORM, we offer a golf-specific physical screen that was developed by the Titleist Performance Institute to assess all of the important components of a safe, efficient golf swing.  The screen is led by a TPI-Certified physical therapist who will provide an in-depth report of the results as well exercises to improve major limitations.