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Pilates is a specific exercise system that focuses on the development of core strength, balance, controlled breathing, and movement precision. Developed by Joseph H. Pilates during the early twentieth century, these concepts are used worldwide for both rehabilitation and fitness. Pilates can be performed on a floor mat with just the body or on specially designed equipment.

All physical therapists at ReFORM are also nationally certified Pilates instructors, including a “master instructor “ who frequently provides continuing education for other teachers around the country. So not only will you be guaranteed to receive top notch guidance with your program, but you can also rest easy knowing that all exercises will be properly modified according to your own unique medical history.

ReFORM houses a custom-built Pilates studio that allows for larger groups classes to be performed with adequate room and comfort. It also utilizes top-of-the line Pilates equipment from Balanced Body, the world’s largest Pilates-based manufacturer. The specific pieces available for use at ReFORM include the following: - Reformer - Cadillac - Wunda Chair

ReFORM offers several ways to enjoy your Pilates experience: - Private Lessons: 1-on-1, tandem (2 students)  and Small Group Reformer classes (traditional and power styles) 

Come find out how Pilates can help you to reach new heights with your fitness goals, physical abilities, and overall health! .

Private or Duet Appointments